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Kill-RSI Prevent repetitive stress injury resulting from extended computer use
Do you use the computer for extended periods of time? Then you run the risk of getting repetitive stress injury on your hands, eyes and neck. Kill-RSI can help prevent this by intelligently reminding you when it is time to take a break.
Kill-RSI will not annoy you. It will not disturb you when you are running a full screen applicatoin.
Will not force you to take brakes. It will only remind you.
Kill-RSI is a completely free software program.
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Kill-RSI What is it capable of?
@ Highly tweaked default settings so you can start using on the fly without changing any settings.
@ Simple mode - Reminds you to take a break after a specified work time. [customizable]
@ Rest break mode - Intelligently reminds you to take short breaks and rest breaks. [customizable]
@ Highly customizable to suit your needs.
@ Auto update functionality. [customizable]
@ Enable/Disable on the fly.
@ Capable of detecting full screen application execution and prevent disturbances. [customizable]
@ Snooze/Cancel capability. [customizable]
@ Auto start with windows startup [customizable]
@ Pre break warning to avoid annoyance. [customizable]